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Seafarers Awareness Week is the annual campaign coordinated by Seafarers UK - the charity that supports the maritime community - to raise awareness of Britain's dependence on seafarers.

Infographic Seafarers Awareness Week is highlighting 'Opportunities to Work at Sea', promoting education, training and recruitment services leading to employment in the Royal Navy and Merchant Navy - including container and other cargo vessels, fuel tankers, cruise ships, ferries, superyachts and workboats.

Did you know?
* 95% of UK imports are carried by ship
* 75% of our exports are shipped from UK sea ports
* The UK's sea ports handle over half a billion tonnes of goods a year
* 1.5 million seafarers are employed in the global shipping industry, of which 71,310 are from the UK.
* As an 'island nation' the UK has always been dependent on seafarers. No Briton lives more than 70 miles from the coast. And our ports industry is the largest in Europe, employing thousands of people whose jobs depend on vital seaborne imports and exports.

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Opportunities to Work at Sea
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