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Seafarers Awareness Week is the annual campaign coordinated by Seafarers UK - the charity that supports the maritime community - to raise awareness of Britain's dependence on seafarers.

Infographic Half the food eaten in the UK is imported and, of this, 95% comes by ship (a fact known by only two per cent of the public, according to a recent survey). Yet despite this, a quarter of us (27%) assume the bulk of our food comes by air and one in five of us (20%) think it comes by road! The top food Brits can't live without is the potato - with almost half of those surveyed (43%) saying it's their favourite food we import.

With the support of many other organisations Seafarers UK promotes Seafarers Awareness Week to highlight:
* 95% of UK imports are carried by ship
* 75% of our exports are shipped from UK sea ports
* The UK's sea ports handle over half a billion tonnes of goods a year
* 1.5 million seafarers are employed in the global shipping industry, of which 71,310 are from the UK.

As the number of British men and women employed in traditional seafaring roles gradually declines, opportunities to work at sea are increasing in growth areas, including cruise ships, superyachts, fish-farming, plus wind, wave and tidal power projects.

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